LIA宣布取消2020年伦敦国际奖和创意季 – 将于2021年恢复


我们行业因疫情受到重创, 同时Covid-19这个根本问题尚未解决,我们许多该行业的朋友和伙伴将面临严重的经济影响, 我们认为假装一切正常并且一切照旧是不合适的。为此, 我们决定不开放2020年的报奖系统。

尽管我们也是一家企业,也会感到痛苦,但我们发现, 当事实上有那么多人正处于并且将要承受痛苦的时候, 我们很难去考虑嘉奖获奖的作品。

2021年, LIA将回归, 并将再次嘉奖优秀的作品, 教育和激励行业的年轻创意人们, 就像我们一直在做的那样。

在这个时候采取行动是一个负责任的行为, 符合行业的利益, 这是LIA一贯主张的。在宣布这一决定时, 我们想要做的第一件事就是让业界对我们的决定有一个明确的认识, 这样你们就可以做出相应的调整。



LIA Cancels 2020 Awards and Creative LIAisons -Will Resume in 2021

We have made the decision to cancel our 2020 Awards Festival and Creative LIAisons program due to the current global health pandemic. We will resume in 2021.

Our industry is in a world of pain right now, and whilst Covid-19 is the driving issue, the economic impact to our many friends and partners in the industry is going to be severe and we think it inappropriate to pretend the world is in a normal place and it is business as usual. To that end, we have decided not to open our 2020 Entry System.

Although we are a business too, and will feel the pain, we find it hard to contemplate celebrating award winning work when in fact so many people are and will be suffering.

In 2021, LIA will return, and will once again celebrate great work and educate and inspire the young creatives of the industry, as we always have.

This is the responsible course of action to take at this time, and is in the interests of the industry, which is what LIA has always stood for. In making this announcement the one thing we want to do is give certainty to the industry of our intentions so that you can plan accordingly.

Finally, to all of our friends, clients, colleagues and their staff and family members it is LIA’s fervent hope that all stay safe and healthy.

Barbara Levy、Gordon Tan、Jinjun Wu and the LIA Staff