由于今年的特殊情况,我们取消了2020LIA伦敦国际奖和Creative LIAisons项目。不过,我们现在正在努力,积极展望2021年。

我们将持续为您提供关于2021LIA伦敦国际奖和Creative LIAisons项目的最新进展。在LIA伦敦国际奖,我们会倾听您的意见,并且对与这个活动而言,任何能帮助它变得更好、对广告界有更深意义的建议都欢迎联系我们

如今,我们能肯定的是,对于广告人的发展比过去任何时候都显得更加重要。为此,我们也将努力让 Creative LIAisons项目成为比以往更具有意义的学习经验分享给大家。最终目标是希望能帮助广告行业从现状中恢复过来。

对于这个时期而言,我们相信2021LIA伦敦国际奖和Creative LIAisons项目会是一个必要的实践,同时也会是一个信号:在理解这个行业所经历的困难同时,我们需要举办一些伟大的项目!

Barbara Levy, Gordon TanLIA伦敦国际奖的工作人员们

LIA Looks to 2021

In line with the current position our industry finds itself in we have cancelled the Awards and Creative LIAisons for 2020. We are now working on and looking forward to 2021.
We will keep you updated on the innovations and evolution for both our Awards and Creative LIAisons program in 2021. At LIA we listen to our clients; anyone with any suggestions on how to make our event more relevant and beneficial to the industry can reach out to us.
One thing we know for sure is that development of people is now more important than ever before and we will be working hard to make Creative LIAisons an even more relevant learning experience than in the past. Our aim is to help the industry, to recover from the situation we are currently in.
We believe in these times this is a necessary practice as a sign that whilst great work should be celebrated – we also understand the pain the industry has gone through.
Barbara Levy, Gordon Tan and the LIA Staff